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The Unconscious Brain:
The Relative Time and Information Theory of Emotions

Maurits van den Noort

University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands

The (human) brain has always fascinated researchers. How is it possible that the brain can process so much information in so little time? During the last decades neuroimaging techniques (ERP, PET, and fMRI) have made breakthroughs in the field of conscious information processing possible. However, the vast majority of mental processes happen outside our conscious awareness. These unconscious processes remain a great mystery.

In this multidisciplinary book, a theory of unconscious information processing of emotions will be presented. People process most emotional information at an unconscious level and this influences our daily life. Interestingly, humans even seem to process emotional information before an event occurs. This process might be an old evolutionary warning mechanism that could be called: “prestimulus information processing”. It can be measured at an individual and at a collective level. This discovery is of great importance since unconscious prestimulus processing could lead to the development of terrorist attack- and earthquake warning systems. Since the discovery of human prestimulus processing is new, it can be expected that the theory discussed in this book will be the start of a promising new scientific field.

In the first three chapters of this pioneering book, some relevant background information on the fields of neuroscience, evolution and emotion will be presented. In chapter four, human unconscious information processing and the consequences in our daily life will be discussed. In chapter five and six, evidence for prestimulus processing at the respectively individual and collective level will be presented. Then, in chapter seven, theoretical explanations out of physics to explain the shift in processing time will be discussed. Finally, in chapter eight, all these insights will be combined to come to one final theory.

Publishing date: January 2004
Author: Maurits van den Noort
ISBN: 90-6586-026-6
NUR: 911
Oegstgeest: Citadel

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